My mother taught me, as her grandmother and mother taught her:

  • that good sewing patterns are timeless;
  • that picking your own fabric and color and having wardrobe no one else can possibly have is better than a designer label on something that everyone else has; and
  • that you will have a better-quality wardrobe and treat your wardrobe better if you put the work into piecing it together yourself.  

The Shop

You may know me as the owner of PennDragonfly on Etsy a/k/a sewingpatternshop.com, a shop dedicated to rescuing uncut vintage sewing patterns.  Both links lead to the same shop with the same inventory, allowing you to choose which one suits your navigation and aesthetic preferences.  It’s simply two ways to get to the same place.  There are many ways to stay up to date on new listings in the shop, such as YouTube, Instagram, and FacebookWhile I will occasionally have posts about the shop in its own category, the bulk of this blog will be a broad discussion of sewing topics, as discussed below. 

The Conversation

Welcome to my brand new blog dedicated to creative discussion about sewing philosophies.   I welcome your comments on my blog posts, as long as they are respectful, inclusive, and stay on topic.  For those that are more comfortable in private Facebook group discussions for privacy reasons, I have created a group called Evolving Patterns with PennDragonfly.   Please join me and share your thoughts!  I will post each of my relevant blog posts in the private group, among other things, to enable discussion of the posts in a private space.

The Relationship between the Shop and the Blog

Hopefully, you will easily see that I am not just blogging to promote the shop.  I own the shop, I’m incredibly proud of my shop, and I also own this blog, so of course I will cross promote occasionally or use only the shop category to provide relevant information about the shop.  I have many plans for the blog portion that are designed to inspire thinking outside the box and most will have nothing to do with sewing patterns at all.  I will be careful to categorize correctly so that you can follow only the topics you are interested in, whether it be shop, blog, or both.